Got to start somewhere….

by Jaine on March 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Its been a long time, but I’ve had good reasons & the plan was always to return to this blog and today seemed like it was going to be the day! A lot has happened in my 12 month absense but I’m going to start with a post on how I’m trying to organise my ‘stuff’ my clothes when we still have no strorage & I’ve had to be a little inventive. It has changed again since I took these photos as I keep trying to make things work better as chaos makes me cry!

Outfit of the day, current obsession: shorts & brightly coloured dip dyed hair. Cardigan & shorts Miss selfridge, top River Island, wedges Aldo (I live in these), Belt made to order from 4M Leather Design to fit my dads 70′s buckle.

Hanging stuff on the walls.


jewellery & sunglasses on hooks & vintage hangers.


I really need my Victorian dressing table, its still at my mums house, but its coming over!


some of my shoes & boots

I will do a proper shoe collection post one day

I’m hoping to get my crappy lighting sorted in the bedroom & I just need to finish by telling you that one of my new addictions is Pinterest  follow me if you are on there & you like my boards.


Not what I expected….

by Jaine on April 10, 2011 · 0 comments

I was going to update a couple of weeks ago with pictures etc, I have been busy overhauling my business and just really busy. Then on the 30th of March my father died suddenly and unexpectedly of pnuemonia and it has just turned mine & my families life upside down. Nothing can prepare you for losing someone so close and it is going to take some time to get over this. My family are very close and we are devastated. So it maybe that I’m not here for a while. Look after those you love, you don’t know when you will lose them.


My bad blogging is a result of too much to do and not enough time! excuses, excuses. I have chosen right now to overhaul my business so I have a lot on my plate but lots of it isn’t so stylish, well it is but its ‘arty, design stuff. I was also birthday girl this week yay! I am frustrated though because I cant get to clothes & stuff so I cant wear the things I think of because they are not accessible.

I thought I would do a post on my work what I do what I make, I wont be writing about that here because I have another blog dedicated to that. But I got my work featured in Country Homes and Interiors magazine they borrowed work for a shoot. I make very unique couture buttons which have many end uses, I’m working on lines of jewellery with them, but this magazine made them into napkin rings

I also got a bad ass new macro lens. I will be so happy when I don’t have to spend all my time updating graphics on my website, designing logos and stuff so that can give more love to this blog!


I moved!!!

by Jaine on January 30, 2011 · 2 comments

Its been a while but honestly its been chaos because we moved. We did the whole thing ourselves with boxes, ikea bags, a couple of friends and a transit van which I drove. It was way more exhausting than I thought it would be & we have a lot more stuff than I thought we had. What’s also interesting is the difference between looking around a house when its on show & around a house when its empty & you can really scrutinise and poke stuff. We have more work than I thought we had but it is a fine house no doubt..

Front room, the floor boards have wood worm! & it needs insulating badly but the fire place is pretty sweet, but I’m not sure of the orange wood, it may get painted black

The wall paper, its ok but I don’t know how long it will stay

The ceiling has lovely ceiling rose & coving but woodchip wall paper UGH!

The kitchen/dining room is pretty good size, there are a few idiosyncrasies with the new kitchen they had put in, its a bit shoddy. They left the fridge & I spent about 4 days cleaning the oven!

open chimney so we could get a wood burning stove!

And lovely quarry tiles

The main bedroom, its Huge but the carpet has to go its too dirty, walk in closet which needs work & pipes down the wall!!! its a blank canvas for decorating, its kind of shabby right now

The bathroom is pretty good although they did a shoddy job there too and its a new bathroom. The shower is awful and has to go, but its spacious, warm & love the radiator replica vintage style!

The attic which has wonderful views over the city, we are going to be knocking walls down and making it bigger, the blue is going.

The wall on the left will be knocked out and probably the one with door on too.

The views, sunrise


Sofas & cold sweats…

by Jaine on January 8, 2011 · 6 comments

I have to say this house moving is both exciting but stressful, my last house move was stressful but in a very different way. I am drowning my feelings of panic by looking at nice things that we can put in our house. It will be a mix of contemporary furniture with a mix of antiques & vintage. My original drive behind this blog was to write about fashion style, but that isn’t my only interest I’m really interested in interiors aswell. I studied Textiles and believe it or not we covered a lot of architecture and furniture design which boosted my interest in interior design & now we have a house well, it just gives me permission!

I have been on a mission for a plum velvet sofa, I fell in love with this one from Habitat a few years ago, a 1.5 seater, but the price tag is out of our league

Then I saw this baby in Ikea
its black and velvet and she feels wonderful but she isn’t as curvy as the louis in Habitat but she is half the price

and then I found this:

Hand made by a small company, fits more than 1.5 people, is plummy, curvy and cheaper than Ikea, I want her.


Happy New year!

by Jaine on January 8, 2011 · 0 comments

Well its a bit chaotic. Today we legally own a house & next Wednesday the 12th Jan 2011 we get the keys! New year was spent at a friends party good food & booze. I have lots going on, I came up with new ideas for jewellery pieces and I’m planning to apply for an arts bursary, I’m ready for new work new ideas. I want to take more pictures but its difficult to fit it in with packing & house organising but I will do more. I will leave you with a couple of pictures of what I wore for new years eve, the hair was quite elaborate……

the hair

And because its always interesting to reflect & look back this is me new years eve 2009


I’m doing a lot of Shopping…..

by Jaine on December 31, 2010 · 0 comments

Hope you had a good christmas! we had amazing food, we are still having amazing food! I have to get into some kind of organised ‘rhythm’ of blogging. 2011 is going to be very different for me and it is one of the reasons I started this blog, I’m always hungry for a project and this will be a major project. This week I let the secret free! Mr Black & I bought a house, our first house. We are excited! The exchange date is supposed to be the 12th Jan so we are currently planning shopping and in a general state of panic. This week we bought a bunch of electrical items, I didn’t know it was possible to get excited by shiny black retro kettle and toaster but believe me it is. When I was 17 I stripped and re-upholstered my great aunts 1930′s chair which I still own, I have a rusty but amazing fire guard I got in aution, I’m eyeing up silk for curtains & I will have a french vintage crystal chandelier, so doing up my house is just my cup of tea and I’m well practised as I helped my parents do their house. The house is over a hundred years old, I think we got a gem. This will not turn into an interiors style blog because I love clothes & shoes too much but I will document ‘The house’.
Here are some pics they are from the estate agents so they are low quality but here is a peek.
Kitchen/dining room:

Living room

My new bedroom, its huge!

Attic room, which will be office lounging room, adult hang out space


third bedroom

Anyway I will leave you with some veggie foody & general christmas images, I believe we go to ikea again tomorrow….


Tutorial, how to make a box…..

by Jaine on December 24, 2010 · 0 comments

Ok this is late in the day in terms of christmas but its a very useful thing. I did this as a workshop a few years ago. Its great as a gift box, plaese bear in mind this is my first ever video tutorial! & this was the second attempt!


Chaos before Christmas

by Jaine on December 21, 2010 · 4 comments

I have been meaning to post, but everything has been a bit crazy. I’m going to post my newest ‘stuff’ I exchanged these shoes whilst I was supposed to be christmas shopping with my friend, I must say we both did really well both only managing to buy things for ourselves and 0 xmas shopping! (although actually I only exchanged these shoes & that’s all, I did and we spent all day looking for gifts)

I changed them from these here which turned out to be too big (size 4, really! I guess I do have small feet)

and I have to say I like them better, they fit so amazing well, we out for dessert and mulled wine at a pub in derbyshire which is where I tried them out, the first time I have worn ‘none snow shoes’ for a while. We drove up a steep and very narrow country road on the way home and quickly realised, that was a huge mistake. The road was covered in ice and after 300 yards we realised the best action was to reverse very carefully back down, how bad am I that I sat there kind of panic stricken because I had my new best shoes on and couldn’t possibly get stuck in the snow! We got down backwards just fine and saw that indeed the road was closed but the sign had been knocked over!

Ebay purchase, 1920′s deco powder pot, its awesome & will join my dressing table

I want one of these, a siamese…..

& this, this snow is the reason I feel like I’m dressing like some knid of bag lady recently, its beautiful but we are not used to -10C This is out in Derbyshire near where I live but I actually live in a big city, its nice to have this close by, here is some snow porn.


We have been snowed in now for a week, the worst snow we have had for 100 years. It has ruined the end of my week in ways you can’t even imagine and that has made me cry. I know hardcore people who live in Canada and Minnesota will laugh at my feebleness, I know what your winters are like I lived in Minnesota and I have walked the streets of NYC in brutal -40 so I know there is worse but this is England we are not used to this :( .

I don’t like the cold, I don’t dig the darkness or being cosy inside, I just long for summer when I can waer bear legs and open toes. So what did I do when it was up to my knees in snow last week? I bought these babies

and now I have gone back to the Topshop site and wondered if I should have got these instead?

I’m thinking I like them more, that they are yummier? So these shoes are taking me away from my reality which is that I am sat here wearing 2 dresses, woolly tights and hiking socks. Here is some snow & my very british tomotoes on toast for lunch yesterday.

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